Frequently Asked Questions

How can I book a taxi?

You can book your taxi online, via our booking form. We only accept online taxi bookings. In just a few steps you can book your shuttle service from and to the airport. Unfortunately, we do not accept bookings by phone.

How much does it cost to book an airport shuttle?

The airport taxi rate depends on your pick-up and drop-off address. It also depends on the size of the taxi, and if you need a car seat for children. Extra stops will also add to the total amount. You can calculate the exact price for your taxi in our online booking form. If you agree with the rate, you can click on ‘Book now’.

Should I book my taxi in advance?

Booking your taxi to the airport should be done at least one day in advance. In some cases we do accept reservations for the same day, but we cannot always guarantee this service. It depends on our planning of that day.

How can I pay for my taxi?

You can pay online (by credit card) or to the driver (cash or credit card).

If you want to pay the taxi driver by credit card, you should inform us beforehand. You can leave a remark at your booking to indicate you will pay with your credit card. Also inform us which credit card you will be using. Please keep in mind that we do charge transaction costs for payments by credit card.

Where will the driver wait for me?

Airport: We offer a Meet & Greet service. This means, the driver will be waiting for you in the Arrival Hall at the airport. Waiting time up to one hour is included in the fee.

Hotel: The driver will let the reception of the hotel know that he is waiting for you. The driver will wait for 15 minutes. Extra waiting time will be charged.

Other location: The driver will be waiting at the given address. Most of the time, the driver will send a text message to let you know he arrived. He will be waiting for a maximum of 15 minutes. Extra waiting time will be charged.

I did not receive a confirmation by e-mail

There are a few reasons why you did not receive a confirmation. The most probable reason is that we have been provided a wrong e-mail address. If this is the case, you can send the correct address via our contact form.

It is also possible that the confirmation e-mail has ended up in your spam box.

I don’t find a phone number on this website.

Because we get a lot of prank calls, we were obliged to take down the phone number from our website. Moreover, we only accept bookings made through our online booking system. This is our way of getting rid of  misunderstandings about the taxi booking. When you have completed your online booking, you will receive the phone number of the driver, and an emergency number.

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Before placing the booking

During the booking

After providing the service

What do I need to book an airport taxi?

We will need as much information as possible about your travel and your fellow travelers:

  • Full pick-up and drop-off address.
  • Pick-up date and time. When you need a taxi to pick you up at the airport or train station, it’s a good idea to give us your flight number or train number, as well as arrival time. This way, the driver can check for updates about your flight or train online.
  • Number of passengers, children included.
  • Contact information: full name, correct email address and phone number (with country code)

Can I book a taxi for a friend / family member?

Yes, this is possible. But you should use your own name for the reservation. Full name and phone number of the passenger has to be mentioned in the ‘Remarks’ field.

You can pay for the taxi online, while making the booking.

Will there be a child seat in the taxi?

If you would like to have a child seat in the cab, you should mention this while making your booking. Also make sure to add the age of the child in the ‘Remarks’ field.

Are pets allowed in the airport taxi?

No, unfortunately we do not transport animals.

Is the taxi price on my voucher final? Or will there be extra costs?

All our prices are all-inclusive. Costs like VAT, parking and entry fee are included in the total price.

However, there are a few exceptions:

  • We will charge extra costs if the driver needs to wait longer for you than agreed.
  • When you pay by credit card, we will charge transaction costs on top of the final price.
  • If you would like to add extra stops to your taxi route, you need to add this to your booking form. However, due to the booking system, the extra stop will not be calculated in the final price. You will receive an e-mail after making the booking with the corrected price.

Do I get an invoice of the taxi ride?

If you would like to receive an invoice, you can ask the driver, or send us an e-mail. Please give us all the needed information to make the invoice, such as full name and address, and VAT-number.

I’ve booked a two-way airport shuttle, how should I pay?

You can pay the total amount by credit card when making your online booking. If you would like to pay directly to the driver, you pay after each ride. This means that if the total amount of your taxi voucher is 100 euro, you will pay 50 euro after each taxi ride.

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I don’t find my address in the booking system.

We work with a Google maps integration in our online booking form. While typing your address, you will see that Google will automatically give suggestions. Have you entered your correct address, but it does not appear in the suggestion results? Then, you can just fill in the postal code and city. You can add your full address in the remark section. It is possible that due to this, you won’t see the exact price for your taxi ride. If this is the case, you will receive an e-mail with a correction of the price.

Should I bring a print-out of the voucher?

No, this is not necessary. You can also show the voucher on your smartphone. But do make sure, you always have the voucher with you (print-out or digital). Because the voucher contains important information about your travel: emergency number, contact information of the driver, pick-up and drop-off place and time.

How can I change my taxi booking?

Every change should be communicated to us by e-mail. And this at least 24h in advance. To make the change, you can simply reply to the confirmation mail. You can also use our contact form. When we have processed the change, you will receive a confirmation by e-mail.

How can I cancel my taxi reservation?

Cancelling your booking is possible, but it needs to be done at least 24h in advance. If not, we can’t provide a refund.  You can cancel the taxi booking via our client panel or by sending us an e-mail.

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I don’t find my login information.

If you can’t find your username and password you can try to retrieve this information:

  1. Check your mailbox. Your login information is mentioned in our first e-mail.
  2. Click ‘forgotten password’ on our login page.
  3. Send us a message via our contact form. We will resend your login information.

My flight has a delay / has been cancelled, what should I do?

Delay: If you have given us your flight number and arrival time, the driver will be able to track up-to-date flight information. He will follow your flight using mobile apps or Google. Ofcourse it is always appreciated if you keep us posted.

Cancelled: When your flight is cancelled, you should inform your driver immediately.

Please take note that we do our best to change our planning when your travel plan has changed. We always try to provide a taxi, but we can’t always guarantee it.

We arrive at the airport with different flights, can we book one taxi?

Yes, this is possible. You can mention the flight numbers and arrival times in the ‘Remarks’ field. Also provide us with the names and phone numbers of the passengers.

When you travel in group, you can send us the logo or company name. The taxi driver will wait for the group with a personalized sign.

My luggage is lost, what should I do?

If you don’t find your luggage, we ask you to contact the driver as soon as possible. He will wait one hour, free of cost. Extra waiting time and parking time will be charged.

I forgot something in the cab!

When you suspect to have forgotten something in the airport taxi, you can contact the driver. Please take note, that we are not responsible for lost things in our taxi. But we always do our best to deliver the lost & found items (against payment).

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